September 15, 2019 @ 12:35 pm – 2:00 pm
Bethel AMEC (Sanctuary)
Clergy Pastor Richburg 8-Sep-19
AME Women’s Ministry Sister Ella Richburg 8-Sep-19
Class Leaders’ Council Sister Laurene Davis 8-Sep-19
Congregational Care Rev. Betty Wannamaker 8-Sep-19
Evangelism Ministry Rev. Beverly Manigo/Sister Ruby Brown 8-Sep-19
Intercessory Prayer Ministry Rev. Beverly Manigo/Sister Ruby Brown 8-Sep-19
Missionary Society Ministry Sister Patricia Jenkins 8-Sep-19
Missions and Welfare/Outreach Sister Patricia Jenkins 8-Sep-19
The Music Ministry Brother Curtis Coles 8-Sep-19
Senior Adult Ministry (Live, Learn, Love) Sister Pat Outlaw 8-Sep-19
Steward Board Sister Loretta Thomas, Chair, Pro Tempore 8-Sep-19
Sons of Allen (Men’s Ministry) Brother Kennard Dubose 8-Sep-19
Stewardess Sister Ladonna David Harvin 8-Sep-19
Stewardship and Finance Sister Loretta Thomas 8-Sep-19
Trustee Board Brother James Jackson, Chair, Pro Tempore 8-Sep-19
Senior Sister Veronica Pack 8-Sep-19
Adult Sister Loretta Thomas 8-Sep-19
Men Brother A. J. Cox 8-Sep-19
Public Relations/Communication Commission (Media) Sister Jacquelyn Cunningham 8-Sep-19
Acolytes Sisters Brenda Brown/Margo Koger 15-Sep-19
Audio and Visual Ministry Brothers Stan McClure, Clint Scoville (photography) 15-Sep-19
Bible Study Rev. Caesar Richburg/Rev. Cole Weathers 15-Sep-19
Children’s Church Brother Dan Carroll/Sisters Eulela Flemming/Chelsea Barbee 15-Sep-19
Christian Debutantes-Masters Sister Crystal Tolbert 15-Sep-19
Christian Education Dr. Ann Shepard Winstead/Sister Rosa Shepard 15-Sep-19
Church School Dr. Tami Ashford-Carroll/Sister Laurene Davis 15-Sep-19
Dance/Drama Ministry Sister Shelia Kelly 15-Sep-19
Education and Promotion Sisters Patrice Bryant/Lynn Hutto 15-Sep-19
Floral Ministry Rev. Betty Wannamaker/Sisters Brenda Brown/Connstance Gibson 15-Sep-19
Girls Scouts Ministry Sister Marilyn Johnson 15-Sep-19
Gourmet Service Ministry Rev. Mary Frances Wilson 15-Sep-19
Greeters Sister Vivian Melton 15-Sep-19
Grief Crisis Ministry Sister Brenda Brown/Brother Dale Brown/Sister Donna Young 15-Sep-19
Health and Wellness Sister Wilma White/Dr. Dennis Wilson 15-Sep-19
Lay Organization Ministry Brother Warnell Rhett 15-Sep-19
Married Couples Ministry Brother David and Sister Deanna Taylor 15-Sep-19
Membership and Evangelism Commission Rev. Caesar Richburg/ Brother Nathaniel Brown 15-Sep-19
Military Families Ministry Sister Gerri Wise 15-Sep-19
Children/Youth Choir Sister Crystal Tolbert 15-Sep-19
Pastor’s Aid Sister Loretta Thomas 15-Sep-19
Pulpit Aid Board Sister Constance Gibson 15-Sep-19
Social Action Commission Attorney Joshua Koger/Sister Barbara Code 15-Sep-19
Transportation Ministry Brothers Ekeman Montgomery/Kennard Dubose 15-Sep-19
Youth Sisters Frazella Stroman/Karen Cocklin 15-Sep-19
Young Adult Ministry Sister Jacquelyn Cunningham 15-Sep-19
Young People’s Division (YPD) Sister Eulela Flemming 15-Sep-19