Midlands Organized Response for Equity and Justice

Dear Bethel Members,

I am writing today to share more with you about the Midlands Organized Response for Equity and Justice, or MORE Justice. Our Justice Ministry is an interfaith coalition of congregations seeking to fulfill our shared biblical mandate to “do justice.” It is through a desire to do justice successfully that we have joined together with around thirty other diverse congregations in our area to form this ministry. With the power of many working together, we will work to powerfully address serious community-wide problems such as a lack of affordable housing, failing schools, addiction, mental health issues, etc., at the root.
This work is an important part of Bethel AME’s efforts to “do justice” as stated in Micah 6:8 and Matthew 23:23-24. We know that as Christians, to do this work is a requirement, and as an AME congregation, we know that social action is a special part of who we are called to be in the world. This year we were successful in having over 25 Bethel members to attend the Nehemiah Rally and 5 invested members.
I am personally excited by the opportunity to work with other congregations in an effort to organize large numbers of people and do the work of building God’s Kingdom.
This letter is dual purpose in that I also want to introduce you to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Van Harn. Ms. Van Harn is one of our Associate Organizers at MORE Justice and she will be working with our congregation to deepen the justice ministry at Bethel AME. She will also be attending worship service with us today, so please take the time to welcome her.
As we move forward, we are eager to get more people from our congregation involved. To that end, in addition, we have Dr. Tami Ashford-Carroll who has joined in as a Team Leader as myself and Rev. Beverly Manigo as the clergy on the team representing Bethel.
We will be hosting a series of House Meetings between September and October. You are invited and you are welcome to come. Please feel to contact Barbara Code at (803) 414-7622, Dr. Tami Ashford-Carroll at (803) 917-1617 or Lizzie at (616) 916-9568 for more information.
Barbara Code