What: Christian Education Year-End Meeting
When: December 7th, 9:30AM – 1:00PM 
Who: Ministry heads/leaders, including leaders (stewards/trustees/stewardship & finance), as well as interested members of the church 
Where: The Bethel Dining Hall
Why: At this session,

  • the district’s 2020 calendar will be shared;
  • the process for developing the church’s 2020 calendar will be discussed;
  • use of church facilities will be discussed, as well as proposed dates for use by ministries;
  • the church roster for ministry leads will be reviewed and updated;
  • updates on the status of major church initiatives will be provided;
  • connecting members to ministries will be discussed;
  • revised new members’ packets will be shared;
  • SMART goals will be discussed; and
  • feedback on quarterly conference reporting will be provided, etc.

All are encouraged to attend as we begin to launch the 2020 vision of ministry work to make a difference in the life of the church and the community we serve. Your presence is important – and we look forward to your being in the midst. Thank you for all you do to respond to God’s calling to bring His work to fruition, returning in 2020 with a renewed focus and a mind to Kingdom Build! (See the list of ministries below). REGISTER TODAY! See the registration information below. Lunch is $10 per person. The deadline for registration is December 3rd.  Thanks, again. 



Acolytes – Brenda Brown/Margo Koger
AME Women’s Ministry – Ella Richburg
Audio and Visual Ministry – Stan McClure, Clint Scoville (photography)
Bible Study – Rev. Caesar Richburg/Rev. Cole Weathers
Boy Scouts Ministry TBA
Bulletin Board Ministry – TBA
Children’s Church – Dan Carroll/Euella Flemming/Chelsea Barbee
Christian Debutantes-Masters – Crystal Tolbert
Christian Education – Ann Shepard Winstead/Rosa Shepard
Church School – Tami Ashford-Carroll/Laurene Davis
Class Leaders’ Council – Laurene Davis
Computer Services Ministry/Information Technology (IT) – TBA
Congregational Care Ministry – Rev. Betty Wannamaker
Dance/Drama Ministry – Shelia Kelly
Education and Promotion – Patrice Bryant/Lynn Hutto
Evangelism Ministry – Rev. Beverly Manigo/Ruby Brown
Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Food Service Ministry – Rev. Mary Wilson
Floral Ministry – Betty Wannamaker/Brenda Brown/Connie Gibson
Girls Scouts Ministry – Marilyn Johnson
Greeters – Brenda Brown/Sandra Patterson
Grief Crisis Ministry Brenda Brown/Dale Brown/Donna Young
Good News Club – Brenda Brown
Health and Wellness – Wilma White/Dr. Dennis Wilson
Lay Organization Ministry – Warnell Rhett
Married Couples Ministry – Deanna Taylor/David Taylor
Membership and Evangelism Commission – Nathaniel Brown/Rev. Caesar Richburg
Military Families Ministry – Gerri Wise
Missionary Society Ministry – Patricia Jenkins
Missions and Welfare/Outreach – Patricia Jenkins
The Music Ministry – Curtis Coles
The Children/Youth Choir – Crystal Tolbert
Nursery Ministry – TBA
Public Relations/Communications Commission (Media) – Jacquelyn Cunningham
Pulpit Aid Board – Connie Gibson
Senior Adult Ministry (Live, Learn, Love) – Pat Outlaw/Rev. Norman Duckett
Social Action Commission – Attorney Joshua Koger/Barbara Code
Steward Board – Loretta Thomas, Chair, Pro Tempore
Sons of Allen – (Men’s Ministry) – Kenard Dubose/Ed Barbee
Stewardess – Ladonna David Harvin
Stewardship and Finance – Loretta Thomas
Transportation Ministry – Ekeman Montgomery/Kenard Dubose
Trustee Board – James Jackson, Chair, Pro Tempore
Usher Board
Usher Board – Senior – Veronica Pack
Usher Board – Adult – Loretta Thomas
Usher Board – Men – A. J. Cox
Usher Board – Youth – Frazella Stroman/Karen Cocklin
Young Adults Ministry – Jacquelyn Cunningham
Young People’s Division (YPD) – Eulela Flemming
Other (Steward/Trustee/Stewardship and Finance Members) –
Interested Church Members –




“Growing Spiritually and Numerically”

December 7th, 9:30am – 1:00pm

 (The deadline for registration is December 3)


  1. Make your check payable to Bethel AME Church with a note “for Christian Education.”
  2. A registration table will be in the vestibule of the church after services this Sunday, December 1st; see Bettie Owens, Brenda Brown or Ann Winstead.


  1. Click Bethel AME Church GIVELIFY.  Follow the prompts. Click the “Christian Ed Forum” envelope to make your donation payable to this CED forum.
  2. Once you receive your GIVELIFY payment receipt, complete the registration form below so that your registration can be tracked to CED.